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Sons.wear is a Irish based family clothing collection. After having my little boy Sonny I got the inspiration to create a one stop clothing site for fashionable
on trend clothing for all age gender and size. Starting at new born and ranging from size extra small to extra large for both men and women. The idea behind Sons.wear came from the concept of having a trendy gender neutral family’s clothing collection in as many body types as possible. Often mini me brands are classed as cheesy but we’ve really kept them high fashion styles and put them into mini me looks without compromising quality and prices. We used neutral colour palette throughout because we wanted dads to match little girls and moms to match little boys, we want to be recognised as diverse as possible. This ethical brand gives you the option to
match with your mini’s or as a couple which is something that was very important in the creation of sons.wear. Sons.wear is dedicated to doing its best to reduce the carbon footprint, and uses 100% eco-friendly packaging, eco cards, mailers and frosted zipper bags, and aim to be fully sustainable in all aspects of the business further down the line.

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